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DaVinci Minds are intensely curious.  They dream big and bring those dreams to practical application. DaVinci Minds cannot be bound to science, technology, language or arts, but integrate all aspects of human expression to accomplish big things.

At DaVinci Minds, Inc., we use technology and education to build Capacity for Innovation in people.  We build Innovation Systems for regions and organizations.
Middle School
Learn about WhyPower, our 8th grade integrated careers, math and science curriculum supplements based on Whyville, the learning-based virtual world.
High School
Explore Analytical Integrated Math (AIM), a 12th grade, full-year, integrated CTE/academic class that uses robots in the classroom and meets 4th year math academic requirements in Texas.
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Consulting Services
Contact us for more infprmation about integrated career, math and science programs.

Highlights from Next Generation Learning Challenges grant                 3 min.
Introduction to AIM                                                                                                 4 min,